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Our Story

 Just prior to the pandemic, Choosing Independence, Inc had committed itself to advocating for improved housing options for its 25 clients. As the housing crisis in California grew, it became more apparent to Choosing Independence, Inc that the issue of affordable housing was a greater issue than they knew. As Mr. Richards and his administrators began to research the issue, they realized they were not alone in this challenge, nor were their clients. They learned Veterans were homeless. They learned hard-working people with jobs were homeless. They learned more and more that families nationwide were homeless. In short, they learned Affordable Housing was at an all-time low, and the issue needed to be addressed accordingly. This revelation sparked those at Choosing Independence, Inc to launch a Community and Economic Department within the organization to address the disparity of safe and affordable housing for the disadvantaged. Under the Community and Economic Department CI, Inc., Mr. Richards developed a concept he pegged Affordable Supported Housing. Which uses housing as the foundation of service delivery. Whereas, the other four areas Health and Wellness, Financial Literacy, Youth Development and Vocational and Academic Enrichment are Case Management driven.

Executive Director

Executive Director Christian P. Richards Jr. Has a long-standing professional career working in the area of Social Services. Whether it has been as a Group Home counselor at a level 12 Group Home, or a School Day Manager at the Help Group (a non-public school), or an English Teacher and  Head Football Coach at Monroe and Sylmar High School, or the Program Director of Supported and Independent Living Programs at Easter Seals, and now the Owner of Choosing Independence, Inc. The mission has always been to empower individuals, families, and the community.


Since its startup, Choosing Independence, Inc. sole purpose has been to deliver service to adults with developmental disabilities that greatly improves upon the quality of living in the lives of people it serves.

Choosing Independence, Inc. In Malawi, Africa