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Community Intergration

CI’s set of programs and support initiatives are designed to help individuals with disabilities, mental health challenges, or other special needs to become active and participating members of their local communities. These services aim to promote social inclusion, independence, and a higher quality of life. Encouraging individuals to engage with the broader community by participating in social activities, events, and organizations. Housing Support, help individuals find and maintain suitable housing that allows them to live independently or in group homes within the community. Employment Support, access training and job placement services to secure and maintain employment in community-based settings. Skill Development, to enhance their life skills, such as cooking, budgeting, and transportation, to foster greater independence. Education and Training, access to educational and vocational training programs, allowing individuals to develop skills and knowledge to reach their potential. Transportation Assistance, providing access to public transit or arranging for transportation to appointments or activities, is frequently a part of these services. Recreational and leisure pursuits within the community to promote a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. Access to healthcare services and therapy, facilitating the development of social connections and friendships with peers who can relate to similar experiences. Promoting understanding and respect for diversity within the community to create an inclusive environment for all.

Community-Based Organizations
Government Agencies
Nonprofit Groups