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After 16 years of serving adults with disabilities, Choosing Independence embarked on launching its development arm at the beginning of 2019. Since then, CI, INC. has initiated a 37-unit development in Monroe, LA, a 129-acre project in Baton Rouge, and smaller projects in Los Angeles County. These projects are scheduled to break ground in the summer of 2025.

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Businesses that we have helped launch.

B-Rich Cosmetics
Off the Porch
Man Kup
Cali Muay Thai
Rhythm & Ballin
Build Block
Habitat for Humanity
Residents Organized for Housing Lousiana
Bella Events
Touched by Bella
Golden Key Home Loans
City Advisors
City Advisors Management Group

The leader of Social Equity Impact Enterprises


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The Leader Of Social Equity Impact Enterprises




Choosing Independence has partnered with building blocks to deliever energy efficient smart homes made of ICF. The Build block product is bulletproof, it can withstand winds up to 250 miles an hour, cutting the energy bill to over half the cost. This is the new era product to build with!

When it comes to corners, one BuildBlock ICF corner is the same for right or left applications. Non-reversible ICFs come in left and right-hand corners which create several disadvantages. First, our distributors tell us they can’t count the times when they’ ve picked up the wrong corner with other ICFs and marched to the far end of an installation only to find they needed the other hand corner. Second, when you get to the last course there is a good chance you will have the wrong corners (left or right) remaining. The waste factor for fully reversible ICFs can be as little as 1 or 2%, while waste factors of 5% or more are common with non-reversible ICFs. When using products other than BuildBlock ICFs, you must take this into account, as well as the extra cost for the extra ICFs needed to do the job.

Fully Reversible Form
BuildBlock ICFs are 100% reversible while the vast majority of all ICFs are non-reversible or only partly reversible. This means when you pick up a BuildBlock© ICF, you don’t waste your time determining if the ICF needs to be turned up or down or left or right to be installed. With a reversible ICF like BuildBlock©, it always fits no matter which way you turn it.
Longer Corner Blocks
BuildBlock 90° and 45° ICF corner blocks are 6″ longer on each leg than the industry standard. The many advantages this gives to our product include shorter offsets that get you past the crucial short offset. This eliminates many hours of extra corner bracing and extra strapping. The longer corner blocks prevent corner pullout and head joints from opening up leaving you with a wall that isn’t plumb or straight.
Tie Web Spacing/Attach Points

Webs are expensive and having two more webs in our ICFs gives you the most value added product on the market. All furring strips are 15″ tall by 1.5″ wide per 16″ course and have two distinctive marked (sweet) spots on each furring strip at 8-inch centers vertically and 6-inch centers horizontally. These spots have a screw pull out strength that is roughly equivalent to wood or structural steel studs (close to 500lbs). 

Numbered and Marked Cut Lines

BuildBlock ICFs have horizontal and vertical cut lines on both sides of the ICF which allow for much faster and more efficient installation times. The ability to pick a horizontal line for your window and door headers saves countless time in the field. No need for a level to mark a level line to cut on. There is no longer a need to measure your vertical cuts. Simply note the measurement number on the block and cut on its line for a custom cut piece that fits every time.

Half Height Cutting

BuildBlock ICFs are easily cut in half to make half height forms. With the unique web design, the half height form needs no additional bracing. This allows for special height walls without wasting half a block or more on each cut. Use both halves thus eliminating the waste and the extra cuts needed with other ICFs. This also eliminates the need to order special height forms with other systems (if they make them). 

Block Bonding

BuildBlock ICFs bond out to even and odd inches from outside to outside and inside to outside corners. They also have a minimum bump factor of -inch when necessary. Of all ICFs in the industry today that have interlocking nubs, most of them have a bump factor of 1 inch or more. (Some ICFs have up to a 6-inch bump factor.) This transforms into less waste on every project as well as walls that match the floor plans of your designs. Another great benefit of BuildBlock’s interlocking connections is the self-draining nature of the design. 

Community-owned Cities

The idea and concept that a community that has 75% Home-Ownership, 65% Business Ownership, and 80% of the Workforce in those businesses come from people living in the Community. This is what Choosing Independence has coined as Community-Owned-Cities (COC)

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